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Arte/Art por/by Eddie Ferrer

Here is some art I have created over the years.

Aqui hay arte que yo han hecho atraves de los años.

ATTN: Oprima las fotos para verlas mas grandes.  Click on the photos to en large them.

sunset.jpg (310905 bytes) NEW / NUEVO.  Pintura 2007 (30"x20"):  "Puesto de Sol en la Playa",  Painting 2007: "Ocean Beach Sun Set".

mujer.jpg (146463 bytes)  Pintura 1973: "Aquella Mujer", Painting 1973:  "That Woman "


torso.jpg (108952 bytes)  Esculptura 2005, madera Roble: Torso de Mujer,  Sculpture made of tropical Oak 2005:  "Torso of a Woman".


 skull.jpg (78584 bytes)  Esculptura 2001 en Cuarzo:"Cranio Humana", Sculpture made of polished Quartz, 2001: "Human Skull:.

player.jpg (142071 bytes)  Pintura 1973: "Jugador de Poker".  Painting, 1973: "German Poker Player".

canon2.jpg (124910 bytes) Esculptura 2003, hecho de cemento a mano con base de madera tratado: "Canon Española".  Sculpture made of  hand sculptured cement with a treated wood base:  "Spanish Canon".

medusa.jpg (121428 bytes) Esculptura/Releve en cemento: "Medusa" 2006.  Hand sculptured cement wall  relief 2006: "Medusa".

spaceman.jpg (218260 bytes) Esculptura a mano en cemento 2006: "Extranjero".  Hand sculptured cement head 2006: "Stranger".   The statue has rounded shinny green glass eyes, a mirror effect, the light/images reflections change as you walk/drive by in the eyes.  This creates the illusion that the eyes are following you as you pass by.   Note the design on the side of the head, it follows to the back of the head, where the design creates the image of a smiley type face in the back of the head.

head2.jpg (217798 bytes)   head3.jpg (178624 bytes)

 Mural Painting on bedroom wall, "Unknown Flower" 6 ft.x 3 ½ ft., 2009.  Mural en la pared del cuarto; “Flor Desconocido” 6 pies por 3 ½, 2009.


  Hand Craved (Blood wood) Wood Scuplture of a Inidan's head, bigger than life size, 1999. 


Por; Eddie Ferrer Velez


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